Comment on Leech

(Version 1.1.4 Review)


Leech is a great little app – It's lightweight, fast, stable, and most importantly it just works.

I've repeatedly tried other download managers in the past (Speed download, iGetter, Download Wizard, etc.) and I always found myself uninstalling them because their 'cons' far outweighed any 'pros'. They were everything I didn't want in a download manager: overly complex, clunky, intrusive, required excess system resources, and they were unstable to the point that it even caused other applications to crash.

- Lightweight & fast
- Stable
- Automatically integrates with Safari/Firefox's cookies, authenticated sessions, and stored passwords. In other words, downloading files from a website that you're a member of (i.e. a premium RapidShare account) automatically works without you having to mess around with setting up or configuring any tedious rules.
- Plenty of user controllable features & settings (i.e. automatically resize download window, private downloading, user definable rules, etc.)
- It just works.

- Doesn't seem to properly work on a couple sites.
- Could use a few more features.

- It'd be nice if Leech would preserve the "Where from:" URL like Safari does when you download a file. (You can view it in the Finder's "Get Info" window under the "More Info:" tab.)
- Leech (or any download manager for that matter) can always be optimized even further. It'd be great if Leech honed in on maximizing your download speed.

If you download files on a regular basis (whether it's apps, music, movies, or anything else) I highly recommend you give Leech a try!