Comment on Plex Media Center

In response to rufasevach: As a user of both Boxee and Plex, I can say that while Boxee may have some promise, Plex not only has promise but actually performs better for me now and has a great deal of features I find useful now. There is no question that Boxee seems to be a little easier to set up and get going than Plex, but I still find that Plex has more going for it at the moment.

Library updating could be a bit more reliable and a few UI issues cause some annoyances here and there, but for the most part I have switched to Plex as my primary HTPC option for my Mac Mini connected to my Bravia.

More regions. I live in Japan and would like to see it as an option.
In-app key configuration. The forums and FAQ on the site proved useful for figuring out how to edit the XML file to get my dinovo Mini working properly (no escape key!) and doing it in the programme itself would have been far more useful.
Butter dispenser for my popcorn. I spend enough time watching stuff through this app now, so why not? ___

Keep up the excellent work, guys!