Comment on TriTag

TriTag looks quite constraining, eg: you can't just set the album tag of a set of files by entering it, it seems that you always have to enter a pattern to get tags from the filename.
Erratum: you can: just check 'force use of default values' and put the tag in the filename pattern (eg: %t). :)
But can't tell it to ignore a (changing) part of the filename (like you could with regular expressions for instance).

WARNING: TriTag erased the tags of some of my files: I applied some values to 3 tracks of the same album, and it worked for the first track, but erased the tag values for the two others. Note: Tag didn't recognize the format of these files at all, before and after I applied the changes with TriTag.

However, the source code is available and the license is GPL. :)