Comment on Aqua4iTunes

Slightly more versatile than AguaT (allows uninstall) and gives a closer look to iTunes 6 than AguaT too (for instance, you have aqua buttons at the top, and metallic ones at the bottom, rather than forced aqua all over). It doesn't alter the icons, but then I'm already used to the blue already :) (green looks old now)
There are 4 looks to choose from:
Aqua Blue
Aqua Graphite
UNO-style Blue
UNO-style Graphite

If you already have AguaT installed (like I had) remember to revert to the iTunes 7 standard default first by re-installing iTunes 7 (have to trash iTunesX.pkg from reciepts). This way, when you "Restore Default look" in Aqua4iTunes, you go back to the original iTunes 7 style rather than the AguaT hybrid.

Also, when installing/uninstalling, remember to quit iTunes first. This version works with 10.4 onwards