Comment on SafariBlock

Far far better and more user friendly than Pithhelmet.
Using PithHelmet, after half an hour of trying, I couldn't get the flash animations or the ads to disappear from the site.
Even checking the "block ads from @@@@......." options didn't work. Checking them with wildcards also didn't work. etc
I got fed up after 30min.

I then downloaded SafariBlock and within 3-4 clicks (10 seconds or so) I'd succesfully blocked ALL the annoying flash ads and ALL the other annoying ads.

If you want a slower Safari, and feel the need to delve into dozens of little check boxes for each rule and filter set (and remember what they all mean, and why you have a minus sign meaning default as opposed to never, and no examples on the authors site to help you along etc etc) and also like having dozens upon dozens of options for each rule, use PithHelmet.

If you haven't got the time for all that and you want a simple, no nonsense, mac-like experience, where 'right-click' and '*' is all you'll ever need to block ads and flash...use this app with Safari ...flawless