Comment on SafariBlock

Unfortunately the new version for Safari 3 is hopeless. It still blocks ads well, but has numerous other issues. For instance, you may find yourself:
Randomly unable to enter any text in any text fields - disabling SafariBlock "cures" it
Safari simply hanging/crashing - disabling SafariBlock on restart "cures" it again
Right clicking a link can crash Safari - disabling SafariBlock on restart "cures" it again
Conflicts with other plugins (eg iGetter for instance) etc etc, the unfortunate attitude of the author towards users. On macupdate, someone politely pointed to concerns that safariblock tries to send info to seemingly unconnected websites via cookies (linked to the enable updates feature). In of itself not a worry, but the fact that the author also makes keylogging software was a worry to them. The author wrote a rude reply denying all knowledge, only to (on closer questioning) do a U-turn and admit that they are "his" cookies after all (the author says they continue to "have an interest" in keylogging,hacking and cracking as well).

So a combination of numerous Safari bugs coupled to the authors behaviour have made me reluctantly switch back to pithhelmet.

Re: my previous comment on the "complexity" of PithHelmet's rules, I have since learned the basics of RegEx and am happy in it's use now. The basics of how to create Regular Expressions are here -
Version 2.7 of PithHelmet works fine with Safari 3 - nil problems so far. Plus the ability to use ⇧⌘R to reload a single page with PithHelmet turned off is indispensible to me (allows you to track down whether sites aren't displaying correctly due to your filter rules or another Safari problem).
v2.7 is also does not slow down Safari any more - in fact, pages load faster than ever with it installed - so a thumbs up for PithHelmet there.

Overall, SafariBlock used to be a great plugin in Safari 2, but the newer version has too many issues so I've gone back to a stable adblocker in PithHelmet.
Maybe if these issues can be "ironed-out" I might switch back, but until then no.