Comment on Inquisitor

Recently Inquisitor has started to freeze safari completely after a few searches. It doesn't just freeze, becuase before this happens Safari is extremely slow as well. It did it so much that I had to switch back to Firefox as Safari would effectively become unusable.
After looking up "inquisitor freezes safari" in google, I found that LOTS of people have this problem and they all had Inquisitor installed.
I have since completely uninstalled it and Safari is lightning fast again :D

I am going to switch to either AcidSearch or Glims now.

P.S. To uninstall this completely, you have to trash the following:

Inquisitor.bundle (in Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor/)
Inquisitor folder (in "user=you"/Library/Application Support/)
inquisitor.pkg (in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitorPreflight.pkg (also in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitor folder (in Library/InputManagers/)