Comment on Typinator

I purchased Typinator when it was featured on MacZOT! I don't understand why it [version 2.0, at least] is not as popular as Textpander.

"It does what it says on the tin."

Typinator does everything I thought it would do, and does it well. Most of my comments on this site refer to programs I really like and how they "just work." This is another such comment about another such program.

I have a few handy abbreviations set up, and they were why I purchased the program but, through use, I've come to realise I most value the auto-correct feature. My common typos, the ones I make through inattention or exhaustion, are corrected immediately regardless of whether I'm e-mailing or replying to an instant message.

It makes me look better than I really am. More programs should do that! :-)