Comment on Prospects

I started using Prospects because I saw that it had a lot of potential and I liked the ease of data entry. Sadly, although an update has been in the works for quite some time, the painfully slow development and failure to implement missing features have forced me to give up on this app.

The developer knows he's struggling on this one and deserves credit for trying. If he manages to succeed in making Prospects all it can be, he will have a great product. In the meantime, I think this forum post of his pretty well sums things up:

"MoneyWell is a great program if you want to use envelope budgeting. It came out while I was developing Prospects and is a nice piece of software. I have nothing but respect for the program and it's author."

I now use MoneyWell and can say that it s a very complete, very slick money management app that goes well beyond simple envelope budgeting.

Good luck to both developers!