Comment on MoneyWell

MoneyWell has progressed greatly since the first release and the latest beta of version 1.4 has finally won me over!

This is a very complete financial program that is well presented and easily handles my various accounts. Data entry is quick and simple (the current beta has really tightened things up here, especially for users that prefer the keyboard to the mouse) and the various auto-fill features minimise the effort needed to enter amounts and to assign income and expenditure to budgets. I had never worked with the "envelope method" before but MoneyWell makes it seem like the most natural way to manage your finances. Kudos to the developer for making such a mundane task enjoyable!

For anyone reading earlier reviews, it is worth noting that features that were initially missing from MoneyWell, such as recurring transactions, transaction matching on import and localised formatting are all included and work flawlessly. I especially like the attention to detail that the developer has shown to things that are often simply taken for granted. For example, after I imported my weekly cash spending as a CSV file from my iPod touch (an easy task thanks to the options offered in the slide-down import pane) I assigned each item to a budget bucket. MoneyWell took note and now imports are all automatically assigned to the correct bucket. Very nice.

It has been mentioned elsewhere but I will repeat it based on my own experience: the developer is very helpful and very responsive, he really does care about his product and his customers. MoneyWell is also supported with a web site brimming with screencast tutorials and useful articles. I especially liked the tip about not getting bogged down in minutiae when planning your budgets!

Rather than continue for the pages it would take to list everything that MoneyWell offers I will simply recommend that anyone who is looking for a powerful, user-friendly way to manage their finances checks out this gem of an app.