Comment on QuickTime Player 7

My employer is buying Quicktime Pro licenses, primarily because I showed him the basics of what can be done with it. QT Pro is undoubtably one of the easiest programs for basic recording and editing (despite missing some rather important features for some cases, especially where audio is concerned), as grabbing specific portions of a video to edit is mind-blowingly simple.
I should point out that, at my job, we help train people in programs, and/or show them the basics so they can do what they want. QT Pro gave us a much easier and much faster option other than Premier and other enormous video editing apps that have a steep learning curve.

That said, standing alone as a player, it's a very good app, but not great. But as it's everywhere, there are a LOT of great plugins that extend its functionality to really be a very useful player. Thumbs up, IMO. It's also easy to include in a program.