Comment on iKana

Hiragana and katakana aren't hard to pick up. And, after poking through it a bit, they definitely need more stroke images (only the "basic" ones are included) by default.

That said, it's easy to add, remove, and modify current entries in a dictionary. That part of this app is impressively easy and well developed, as are most areas. There are a fair amount of things possible with this program, but it's still lacking some things IMO to make it worth $18. $10, maybe. If they added (for example) a stroke-image creator/modifier, it might be worth it. And support for alternate translations of Kanji (it only gives one field for romanization... many Kanji have more than one pronunciation).

So, yes, again, I still haven't found a flash-card app of any kind that I truly like. This one, though, is one of the best I've seen (though it's primarily for Japanese). For anyone looking for a flash-card app, this one is DEFINITELY worth a try, especially for the ways of displaying and quizzing with the cards, which are quite nice. And look! Apple Remote support! Great idea ;)

To the developer: occasionally, in the speed recognition mode, more than one of the same romanization appears as an option. Unfortunately, one is right and one isn't, though they are identical. I've seen both "i" and "ki" come up doubled as options in a single run. This should probably be fixed.
Also, when making new character sets, it'll hang on to ones deleted, and sometimes add non-existant entries to the end (seems to only happen with less than 5 entries). 'Tis a bit weird.