Comment on Soulver

I got this as part of a bundle, and didn't use it for almost a year, never really getting into it.
Then, I found myself needing a calculator with support for more complicated equations than the standard calc that comes with OSX. When dealing with a large amount of numbers, it's easy to follow along in Soulver, and extremely easy to test other solutions (Use variables in the equation, and go back and change their value at any time!).
Basically, it's a very good calculator, and it has support for large degrees of accuracy (to 100 digits). The interface is a bit different than other calculators, but in general noticeably superior. And not having buttons for numbers and whatnot is definitely a good thing, as you aren't forced to find the button you need, and has support for a fair number of trig, log, etc functions.

All in all a very good app... but honestly, I'm hoping either something better will come along, or the functionality of this will be increased dramatically.