Comment on Speed Download

I used this for several years, but the thing that finally killed it for me was that you can't have 2 copies running on 2 different computers at the same time, even if each is exclusively your computer; iGetter is similar in that regard. If you go out somewhere with your laptop, you'd better make sure you don't have Speed Download still open on your desktop unit or it will refuse to launch on the laptop.

As far as the non-free upgrades go, I wouldn't mind paying for one again if they finally gave the interface a major streamlining. SD5 seems to have a "simple" mini-iTunes controller mode now, but I'm more concerned about the clutter and relative lack of intuitiveness of the main queue window: some things that take one step in browser download windows take several in SD, and the list of suggested apps to open files with never seems to jive with what appears in the Finder or Path Finder (I'm talking about 4, but 5's regular window seems to be fairly similar to 4's in screenshots?).

Right now I'm trying out CocoaWget (free) for longer downloads, but I miss having a browser-independent app that can grab downloads from browsers via an internet plugin.