Comment on Symphony

The IBM download site sucks horribly, and requires Java to be enabled so that their download applet will run.

Once you get beyond that, there's some interesting concepts in the program itself. The core of the program is based on OpenOffice, but the interface is very clean and streamlined, and it has a sidebar that works similarly in principle to the tabbed palette in the old Lotus SmartSuite on Windows. The suite also borrows some concepts from Firefox 3 for the GUI: a tabbed interface, an addons browser, a thumbnail view akin to the one Firefox 3.1 will be acquiring (and which hopefully will have a working text search in the near future!), etc. It's a bit too buggy for regular use right now, but it's a good start and will hopefully evolve into a nice alternative to OpenOffice for people who don't like the latter's MS Office 97-style interface.