Comment on Ghost Action

Well, Ghost Action has A). duplicated all my projects and contexts. That I think was the previous version. B). Made the topics all white and the content disappeared: After that, it just felt like erasing my ≈150 items. Spooky.

And it has done similar weird things: Tried it on MacBook Core Duo and my MacBook Pro Core2Duo.

... or to put in GTD terms: Ghost Action will have a hard time being my only or one of many "trusted systems"...

So where do I put my stuff? (If I was not allowed to answer "a little here and a litttle there" or "about everywhere".)
—> In Actiontastic, of course. Do not download GA: It is nearly identical to Actiontastic, except when it comes down to:

1. being somewhat stable. Actiontastic have never been nasty. Ghost Action has efficiently deleted everything I've had: Twice, in two different versions.

2. Actiontastic is way more beautiful than GA. Actiontastic has a modern, the iTunes-like colored interface, well-made graphics (every button fits the appearance nicely). What about Ghost Action? The Inbox, Project and Context menu buttons looks older (while Actiontastic provides the lighter, fresh-looking blue style on the button of the active mode...) --> GA's brushed metal UI is... well, does the Finder make you excited?

3). Lastly: Why would you pay a single dollar for an application, which is almost identical to an (soon-to-be) open sourced, more stylish, solid and secure (and sexy) app? >>> Bottom-line: Go with Actiontastic, you won't miss anything...