Comment on ForgEdit

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Some comments:
cocoi: ForgEdit is not inspired by TextMate. Why make another? My inspiration comes mostly from UltraEdit and an old Borland IDE.

bitnix: This is the editor i missed working as a developer on the mac. If i didn't feel it added some value to the existing fauna, i would never have made it (in a nutshell, the featues i miss most from the competition are tab-indents-selection, tabbed editing, user-definable key bindings, file drawer, and an easy way to edit modes/file types).

spacecat85: ForgEdit does come with a command line tool, called forged. The first time you start the app, it asks if you want to install a 'synchorinzed tool'. Synchronized because it does not return until the file is closed again (as opposed to the 'open' shell command that does return right away). I've realized that synchronized tool is not very descriptive, so it has been changed to command line tool in b10.