Comment on Spell Catcher X

This is probably the application that has most changed my life. I would vote it my number one choice to take with me to a desert island, assuming I were allowed a Mac to use it on. I spend hours typing on my Macs, and as I never learned to type, my atrocious typos litter everything I write. Some applications have in-built dictionaries, Word being the only one with a really decent one. Most have none, and when they use Mac's default language checking utility, it is not easy to switch it from one language to another. In browsers, there was, until recently no way out of this which meant hours of agony proofreading every comment, contact form or blog post before sending it, only to discover the appalling typos afterwards. Spell Catcher, on the other hand, is multilingual, unobtrusive, yet always there lurking in the background in nearly any application I use (except Mail, which seems to a law unto itself in a number of fields). Spell Catcher is slightly complicated utility to get to grips with, because it has so many subtly planned features that I was initially slightly irritated by it. But after a few days of using it I reckon I would be lost without it.