Comment on Aurora

@critux : I'm really sorry about this. If you have the password enabled and your Mac wakes up, it will go back to sleep when no password is entered. This is part of Mac OS X's security and especially that part is made to not be tampered with - in everyone's best interest. Aurora can't just enter your password, and it cannot prevent the Mac to go back to sleep - file a bug with Apple about this, as I cannot provide a solution other than automatically disabling the password if you wish.

What might help you keep your security up: Disable "Enable Alarms when Aurora isn't running" in Aurora's preferences. If that is not set, Aurora will re-enable the screen saver password on quit. That means you have to have Aurora running all night, and there will be no protection in that time, but as soon as you wake up, quit Aurora and head to work, your Mac will be safe again.