Comment on EyeTV

2.5 caused some problems, but was a workable solution. But the new 3.0 is rubbish.

This is the first time I have been moved to comment negatively on a piece of Mac software: I paid for the upgrade, but it's been nothing but restart, restart, restart because of instability.

Five reasons not to upgrade:

1. DVD Player and EyeTV 3.0 fight for some reason (when EyeTV is recording during DVD Player playback), leading to kernel panics. Duh, restart machine.
2. USB driver code appears to lead to kernel panics all by itself. Duh, restart machine.
3. web access is so flakey as to be useless. Duh, restart EyeTV.
4. export is painfully slow (many days to export some stuff, it might even be that the export function is broken) Duh, restart encoding.
5. many, many spinning beachballs (unbelievable). Duh, restart EyeTV.

Sleak, slow and unworkably poor. EyeEyeEyeTV: stick with 2.5...