Comment on Tagebuch

I have tried Tagebuch and I find it very simple and very intuitive. There's a list of entries to the left and the text field to the right. And just three buttons: new entry, delete entry and apply tags.
IMHO, it could not be simpler...
There are, however, a few glitches that must be corrected:
1. When you update the application by drag & drop of the icon from the disk image into the applications folder, you have to save all entries first. The disk image includes a PDF file explaining how this is done. But this should happen normaly, without these steps.
2. If you click by mistake on the "Delete" button, the entry disappears imadiately. There should be a dialog box asking if you really want to delete this entry.
3. And finaly, I think the developer could also include some kind of encryption.
Nevertheless, I really like Tagebuch. It has nice interface and when these glitches will be solved, I plan to replace DreamDiary with Tagebuch.