Comment on TextExpander

In defense of some of the negative comments here...

I have saved tons of time using this app. It does an AWESOME job of helping me set keystroke commands for VERY simple "i don't wanna have to think about this" tasks, and then some.

A few examples: Typing...

ttime = the current time [2:31 PM]
dmdy = day - month day, year [Saturday - October 27, 2007]

I've also got long blocks of boiler plate text tucked away in there, as well as email addresses that I enter often. It would suck top have manually enter them when I can just set a shorten version of them up in TextExpander and save time, and reduce the chance of error.

Not to mention, the interface and functionality was just updated with the latest version (2.0.2) making it an even better app!

I have nothing but great things to say about TextExpander, and I love the time that it's saved me.