Comment on Things

I've been using now for two or three weeks, and have removed OmniFocus from my Login Items, and even from the Dock. Why? It's hard to say why, actually. OmniFocus has many more features than Things in its present state, and some of those features I thought were quite important, but Things is so much more pleasant to use, because of the way it looks (the OmniGroup may want to work on a new, updated UI style, for all their apps), but also because of its sheer simplicity. It's more sophisticated than some apps (like the new, free,, but it lacks OmniFocus's overabundance of features.

I do hope some features will be added to Things, without the app becoming unwieldy like OmniFocus (sorry, OmniPeople!). Particularly, I'd like to see dependency between tasks (a task or tasks becoming available only when a certain other task, that may or may not be part of the same project, is completed) and repeating tasks.