Comment on Zooom/2

I must say that I absolutely LOVE Zooom. One of the most useable UI add-ons for OS X.

And I've tried the competing products, such as MondoMouse and others, but I definitely must say that Zooom beats the competition.

The developer is literally ferreting the support forum for Zooom and if you buy this app, you will feel that you're really taking part of something that is clearly 'alive'!

As a suggestion for those curious in Zooom, I would recommend trying Zooom together with USB Overdrive, or a similar app that can re-program your mouse's buttons. By this method, you can for instance, have your windows moved by pressing and holding down the middle-mouse button! And hear this: THAT is super neat!

Zooom is very stable and a well executed application. Once you start using it, you wont turn back!