Comment on Dock Icon Viewer

@ brh :

I found a simple workaround for that annoying window that unecessarily pops up. It requires you to have Apple's Interface Builder (provided within the XCode developer tools, which can be found on your system install disc).

1.) Right-click (or Command-click) on Dock Icon Viewer's icon and select "Show Package Contents".

2.) Navigate to: Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ and open the MainMenu.nib with Interface Builder.

3.) Then, in the nib file window, "MainMenu.nib (English)", select the tab called "Instances" and within that, double-click on "Window".

4.) Now that the annoying window is open, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Show Inspector". (Alternatively, you can just hit Command-Shift-I (that's a capital 'i').

5.) In the Inspector, simply deselect the "Visible at launch time" check box. Hit Save, then Quit and you're done.