Comment on ZigVersion

Gee. I don't know whether it's my 5th or 10th time that I try to set up my own Subversion server... I must say, this is not for people with weak nerves.

What a complicated mess. And interestingly, I hear Subversion is meant to be an improved and simpler flavor of CSV. I wonder how complicated the older version control systems were...

Granted, I realize of course that it's not for the faint minded, with Subversion, but all the buzzing about "Subversion", "SVN", "check the repository" and somesuch things that you stumble by, all over the place, makes you a tiny bit curious to try it out yourself. Too bad, I think this might be the end of my curiousness in Subversion for now... It's not for anyone else than full-fledged programmers, preferably belonging to the gray haired generation, who wears bottle glasses and keep dusty tomes on machine code in their bookshelves.

Does it have to be this difficult to start version controlling?

I have one hint, though, which lead me a little bit further, regarding how to install a local Subversion repository:

<a href="">Running Subversion on Mac OS X</a>