Comment on Adblock Plus

kroc & nontroppo :

I agree with you, that it could potentially hurt the quality of this site, if people listed <b>all</b> of the little plugins and extensions for programs, for the sole purpose of simply showing them all...

But (!) thing is, I don't think they will. On the contrary, I think the purpose of iusethis should be to let the users give hints of just the <i>best of the best</i>, among the apps that they use. I mean, just because there are a tenfold or more Safari plugins, I for one, am not very tempted in posting about them all in here.

Speaking of which (Safari plugins for instance): where do you draw the line? Should eg. Safari plugins not be considered legitimate? In that case, how fair would it be to rule out super products like Saft, for instance? See where I'm getting at?

With all due respect, I think that people should continue to give hints about the software they love to use. And as far as listing products that are listed on other places... just look at MacUpdate; for all I know, they list about 98% of the apps on iusethis - the major difference being, <b>how</b> and for what <b>purpose</b> do they list the apps?

Sites such as, Mozilla, etc. focus on listing everything, whereas iusethis is more organic, or should I say, down to the point, where you can more or less easily target the apps' degree of quality, judging by their popularity in terms of people using them.

Anywho, that's just my take on this. In the end, it's probably up to Arne & Marcus to decide how they want the site to work. :)