Comment on Schnippselchen

With risk for repetition. Here's my last try to "persuade" the developer:

Sorry if I sounded pesky in my last comment. But I still think that an english name would make more sense to a larger audience...

For instance, I'm a Quicksilver user, and each time I try to remember the name of this (otherwise awesome app), I fail miserably. Chipsellen?... no. Snipshells?... nope... and so on, so forth. :(

Since there are english program descriptions on the applications' website, why not also <b>name>/b> the apps into something more comprehensible by the larger majority of your user base, which I'm sure, are in fact english speakers.

Just my humble 2 cents. And I hope you don't take my advice as offensive. It's just something that I strongly believe, that, if you necessarily want to name an app in your own mothertongue; let it be a simple name, that preferably, either has some resemblance to an english word, or, at least contains very few letters, that are not too complicated to learn. I'm sorry to say it, but I can't seem to find Schnippselchen (or many other apps from MyOwnApp (there, an english word!) to fit within that exception either...

Last but not least. Thanks for creating splendid applications!