Comment on Trampoline

For me the key feature of Trampoline is that it appears right under my mouse cursor, wherever it happens to be. Overflow looks very nice indeed, but since it pops up like any other window, it would still leave me raking my mouse half across my 23" screen whenever I wanted a Finder window. So to me that makes Overflow more suited, as its name and homepage suggest, for rarely used items that don't deserve dock space, rather than for the frequently used items that Trampoline targets.

I suppose that if your frequently used apps are actually running most of the time, then CMD-TAB and judiciously populated Finder sidebar and menubar could do much the same job as Trampoline. Somehow I've never quite gotten the keyboard-mouse co-ordination needed to make that kind of thing work well, though; I was always swinging the mouse down to the dock for things.