Comment on Midnight Inbox

Where Inbox stands out from the current small crowd of GTD apps is that it tries to computerize as much as possible of the entire GTD process, and not just act as an electronic version of your notebook and filing cabinet. For instance, in addition to letting you enter items with a global hot-key at any time, it can also monitor Mail, iCal, bookmarks, or files, and collect everything new for you automatically, so you can sort through it to identify tasks at a time of your choosing.

Inbox is quite usable now, though not quite 'rock-solid'; say, 'oak-solid'. The few glitches are minor, like drag-and-drop re-ordering of lists not always 'taking', not like losing stuff.
They are working on Inbox 2, now, and will offer it as a free upgrade to Inbox 1 owners. The Inbox 2 development process is a lot more disciplined, so Inbox 1's disappointingly long beta phase should be much shorter for its succcessor.