Comment on Civilization III: Complete

oddysseey, this is not a game that you can just fiddle around with for a few minutes, like simcity. most people, including myself, do not even have the time to play more than one full game a week. you obviously do not have the patience or possibly enough leisure time to truly enjoy such a brilliantly immersing game. a full game on a normal sized map with 60% water can take approximately 8 hours, sometimes considerably longer (depending on your finger dexterity) to complete. this is a game that many people really have to "get into" before "getting into it". furthermore, in my experience, having some relevant historical knowledge [or an all consuming passion for certain historical studies, in my case] seems to help (as it provides a strong motivation for achieving victory with your chosen "civ"). having a mass of caffeinated beverages at hand is also a decent idea.