Comment on iFortune

a little piece of information the other people who are using this might find useful;
quit ifortune, go to the folder you placed the application in, now if you control-click (or right click with your mighty mouse) on the ifortune application, it will say "show package contents", click that and navigate through the "contents" folder to the "resources" folder where you will see a "fortunes" folder [contents>resources>fortunes] ok, now stop. in the "fortunes" folder are the bsd fortune files that ifortune randomly selects quotes from. from what i understand these fortune files come in pairs, the extension-less file is the text and the .dat file contains information for randomly accessing the text of the corresponding extension-less file, which is only relevant information if you are compiling your own original fortune files, but i thought i would mention it anyway. the point is you can drop your own fortune file pairs into the "fortunes" folder of the app and it should select quotes from those files as well [you can find some more fortune files by googling around, i just searched for "bsd fortune files"]. when you are done adding your own fortune files to that folder, x out of it and start ifortune again, it should eventually display some quotes from those new file pairs.