Comment on Miro

although xul & python based, this application is a fantastic idea which is beautifully implemented. there are a small handful of minor interface bugs, but it generally fits in nicely with the look, feel & function(s) of os x and overall, miro is pretty damn stable & quick. i mostly use it as a conduit for educational and news related videos/video feeds, but its built-in guide/browser offers one many different types of content as well... and if you can't find it in there, you can always add external feeds to your channel list as well.

i switched over to miro from joost after their builds started getting hefty unstable and the joost team announced their intention to switch over to a flash/browser-based interface. i don't regret this one bit at all though. after all, joost was not an os x "native" program either. plus, knowing that i am using a community developed, open-source application which supports a much wider array of codecs, including of-course, open-source formats, (not to mention its integrated library feature, which allows one to access local videos sitting on their hard-drive as well) makes me feel "that much better".

i would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone interested, and am looking forward to seeing it undergo further development.