Comment on MusicBox

goodness gracious. i was trying this application out a few weeks ago and liked it so much, that i bought a license... minutes after doing so, much to my dismay, i discovered that it handles id3 tags incorrectly, in-fact terribly. this is because musicbox apparently does not use iso-8859-1 text encoding when writing id3v1 or id3v2 tags (iso-8859-1 is the only encoding format which is fully compliant with id3 metadata).

along with messing up my mp3 files, musicbox even managed to mangle the metadata of most of my aac and m4a files as well... in-fact, the only formats it seemed to tag correctly were ogg and flac (this leads me to believe that musicbox tags all audio files in utf-8 text encoding, which is incorrect).

basically, musicbox mangled a large portion of the metadata of my audio files, causing tag information to show up improperly, with an assortment of unwanted asterisks and "mojibake" in all the media players i use. i ended up having to use a cumbersome (but standards compliant) java-based metadata editor to correctly re-tag the tens of thousands of audio files that music box improperly tagged. this took several hours. be warned.