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new beta in the wild: 3.1b3


Version 3.1 - TBD

New Features

• The cursor is now hidden after selecting a tweet; it reappears when you move the mouse. This makes it easier to read the tweets when you are using the keyboard.
• Changed Growl notifications so that they are displayed from oldest to newest. Also added a summary if there are more than five new tweets (this threshold can be adjusted using the Power User preference "growlMaximumShown"—see the Read Me for more details.)
• Added a new preference to control the scrolling of the tweets in the window: you can automatically scroll to the newest tweets, to the tweet you last selected, or to keep the same view as before.
• Added some keyboard shortcuts that mimic similar operations in NetNewsWire: the spacebar moves to the next tweet that is unread, the 'k' key will mark all tweets as read, and the 'u' key will mark a tweet as unread.
• The keyboard shortcut ⌘2 is no longer allowed on a direct message—muscle memory made it too easy to turn a private conversation into a public one.
• Added a Power User preference to display the @screenname instead of the user's full name. And yes, we do have plans to make this more elegant.
• The delay to automatically hide the window will be extended if you are scrolling through the tweet list with the scroll wheel. On Leopard, this allows you to mouse over the inactive window and read through multiple tweets without the window disappearing.

Bug Fixes

• Avatar images are loaded asynchronously resulting in a faster and smoother display (particularly on Leopard.)
• Fixed several problems which caused duplicate notifications to be issued for tweets that happened in the past.
• Changing logins (with ⌘L) on Leopard will no longer hang or end up with extraneous tweets.
• Status message updates will now work with Adium version 1.2 and later. Because of AppleScript changes in Adium that are not backward compatible, status updates will no longer work in older versions.
• Plugged a memory leak in each tweet received. Over a long period of time, this caused Twitterrific to swap memory and run more slowly.
• The icons to the right of the tweet are no longer displayed for error messages.
• Fixed a bug where posted messages would be truncated when the < and > characters were used. Thanks to Drew Thaler for a very insightful tweet that helped me solve this vexing problem.
• Fixed a problem where the highlighted menubar or Dock icon would be reset because of an ad.
• The count on the Dock icon is now cleared when you quit.
• A trailing period will no longer be included with links in the tweet.
• Added a check so that ⌘2 and ⌘D won't overflow the text counter.
• Avatar images whose URL contains UTF-8 characters are now loaded and displayed correctly.
• Added teh snappy to get rid of The Marble of Doom.