Comment on Shapeshifter

This needs some clarification.
Shapeshifter is not responsible for crashing applications.

Shapeshifter relies on "Application Enhancer". This hack basically allows to inject code into running applications and redefine functions etc. It's very stable and a couple of additional measures have been taken by the developers to prevent it from crashing "enhanced" applications. More information can be found here:

I had some applications which crashed when APE was loaded, however, it was just a matter of some few clicks to tell APE to leave this app alone. And this helped.

That said, Shapeshifter works okay for me. It has some kinks sometimes, especially when I updated my System - which isn't surprising, since updates sometimes change significant portions of the system. Sometimes it took some hours, somethimes weeks until the developers catched up. But this is completely okay for a 20$ app, imo.

Aside from this, Shapeshifter proves to be very useful for me. Especially when working in in environments where the ambient light is low and the monitor's brightness can't be turned down without loosing contrast (or just not low enough) - a black theme relaxes your eyes significantly in this situation. Or just bored with the current theme and in the mood for something new? SS to the help . ;)

Oh, and btw: When using a Beta, just stfu and tell the developers. There's a reasion why something is marked as "Beta" (at least before google, there was).