Comment on iCab

iCab has come on leaps and bounds with webkit. The latest build ß25 has now resizable text fields and the auto password filling from the keychain gets it right (good news if you use the likes of Textpattern).

Still not as fast as Webkit, Safari, Sunrise, Demeter (and Shiira if you can put up with the errant behaviour) or the beta Opera and Firefox but getting there and leaves standard Camino/Firefox in it's wake.

It has a nice feel to it, handles Bookmarks differently, but you get used to it. There is sadly no 'Web Inspector' from webkit, but it does have a cool 'Page Overview'. I have only minor niggles with it really; love to see a toolbar button for kiosk mode and bookmarks in (say) a side drawer ala Opera. It's very stable though.