Comment on iBackup 2008

I am a fan of iBackup. I have been using it reliably for years. Just to be clear, by default iBackup backs up to it's own folder and does not delete files from the backup. But, as with any utility, you need to be careful how you use it.

I recently bought a new MacBook and iBackup was perfect for migrating my settings. I was able to restore just the settings I needed when I needed them.

While the plugin system is nice in that it takes care of gathering all the files needed to restore a particular app – it is getting unwieldy. The interface would be much better if checkboxes were shown only for apps that were actually installed on your computer.

I would also love to see the developer implement a feature that backs up settings for apps without plugins by "guessing" what files are needed the same way that uninstall apps do. These apps could be marked differently to show that they are not guaranteed the same as apps with plugins.