Comment on ivezeen

Formerly iRecordNow. If you don't already have Quicktime Pro 7, this is a great and affordable one-button video recorder for your webcam. The only caveat (and maybe all recorders work best like this) is that upon clicking record it reserves most of your hard drive space for the video.

If you have a powerful Mac you can record from two sources simultaneously by launching two instances of the app, which is what I need (internal and external iSight). The second instance will only see a fraction of the drive space, so it works best if you have multiple partitions and set the save path.

External iSights get full control over the video signal and focusing (click-click-click-click).

Get a 1 to 2 day demo key e-mailed to you, and the videos have a text watermark. The presets save uncompressed and then a second pass compresses down upon hitting stop. If that cancels or fails, you still have the uncompressed file. I've recorded 30 gig files over many hours with no problem.

Also pairs very nicely with iGlasses, so < $30 for great video tools works for me. :) And hey, they got a testimonial from Woz.