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Application Wizard-icon Application Wizard by mabasoft

Version 3.4 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

1 year and 133 days ago

MacKeeper-icon MacKeeper by cleanstart

I love this program! Its easy to use and all the other little things that come with it are great! I would recommend this program for everyone who likes to keep their mac clean!

1 year and 138 days ago

SGS KeyLogger Free-icon SGS KeyLogger Free by ross

This is a Windows App, not Mac. Wrong category.

1 year and 143 days ago

Firefox-icon Firefox by obryanbrickley

Firefox has gotten quite a bit faster in recent months; memory usage is much lower than either Chrome or Safari at this point in time.

1 year and 147 days ago

World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.11.1 updates daylight-saving time information for Morocco, Western Sahara, and the Brazilian State of Tocantins.

1 year and 152 days ago by rifflekb

Logo file from app

1 year and 159 days ago

TrashMe-icon TrashMe by v2blast in reply to webjib

@webjib: I'm sure the fact that you're apparently the developer doesn't make you biased at all... /s

1 year and 163 days ago

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection-icon Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection by v2blast

Info about the OSX version from his site (

"Here is a Mac OS X disk image file, containing a single monolithic application called "Puzzles". You should be able to download and open the disk image, then drag the Puzzles application to wherever you feel like keeping it; it should be entirely self-contained. However, please note that this application is UNSUPPORTED AND NOT KEPT UP TO DATE: my Mac stopped working in April 2012 and so I currently have no means to build, test or develop this port."

Too bad. It'd be nice to have someone able to maintain the Mac version (though I haven't encountered a single bug in it as of yet).

1 year and 164 days ago

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