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UninstallPKG-icon UninstallPKG by hansm

first pkg uninstaller that actually works

1 year and 218 days ago

Sandvox-icon Sandvox by jocooke

Sandvox is exactly what I needed. I came from an IWeb background and was extremely worried on hearing that IWeb was going to be discontinued. But Sandvox came to the rescue! Amazingly, each upgrade gives me something new I can use immediately. I'm determined to keep 100% control of my sites and Sandvox is allowing me to do this.

1 year and 220 days ago

Tether-icon Tether by mattp

I'm getting a bad match on ClockworkMod Tether (

1 year and 226 days ago

Camino-icon Camino by bodytechnician says:

Camino reaches its end

After a decade-long run, Camino is no longer being developed, and we encourage all users to upgrade to a more modern browser. Camino is increasingly lagging behind the fast pace of changes on the web, and more importantly it is not receiving security updates, making it increasingly unsafe to use.

Fortunately, Mac users have many more browsers to choose from than they did when Camino started ten years ago. Former Camino developers have helped build the three most popular – Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – so while this is the end of Camino itself, the community that helped build it is still making the web better for Mac users.

Thank you to all our loyal users, and to everyone who contributed in countless ways over the years to make Camino what it was.

1 year and 232 days ago

AppFresh-icon AppFresh by distantthunder

The Exclude option would be useful, but it's BROKEN. Whenever I try to exclude an app (or something that AppFresh thinks is an app), instead of removing it from the list, it does a RESCAN of all apps. And then the app is still there! It's been this way for months or years now. Please fix!

1 year and 235 days ago

Application Wizard-icon Application Wizard by mabasoft

Version 3.3.4 shows Finder's recent folders in the Recent Folders submenu and process identifiers in the Background-only Applications submenu.

1 year and 246 days ago

MacX DVD Ripper Pro -icon MacX DVD Ripper Pro by jesicary

Rich features; easy to figure out for beginners. Anyway, work well! Like it very much

1 year and 246 days ago

Flock-icon Flock by bodytechnician

Flock browser doesn't exist anymore. Homepage link redirects to site for Flock mobile phone app.

1 year and 248 days ago

VigiMac-icon VigiMac by bodytechnician

VigiMac is gone. Use Prey now.

1 year and 250 days ago

Tru Phone-icon Tru Phone by bodytechnician

Desktop app no longer available, Tru only has mobile apps now.

1 year and 250 days ago

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