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ForkLift-icon ForkLift by fcmdev

Some people compare FastCommander to ForkLift. They should not.

ForkLift is great REMOTE files manager and FastCommander is designed to be used as a local files manager. This is big difference.

1 year and 210 days ago

muCommander-icon muCommander by fcmdev

muCommander tormented me for the long time its slow Java, nonresponsive, ugly and buggy UI.

So I decided to create real OS X, native file manager, especially for users coming from Windows: FastCommander.

1 year and 210 days ago

Currency Assistant-icon Currency Assistant by mabasoft

Version 3.1.10 restores the automatic update of the European Central Bank rates.

1 year and 220 days ago

Currency Assistant-icon Currency Assistant by mabasoft

Version 3.1.9 adds a new currency and introduces minor updates.

1 year and 229 days ago

SyncTwoFolders-icon SyncTwoFolders by oligraph

Very easy to use and fine-tuneable app that helps greatly in reducing time in synching folders or even harddrives. Steadily updated by the owner, thank you. Highly recommended!

1 year and 234 days ago

MacKeeper-icon MacKeeper by skinzey

I have owned this application for a couple years. Within the last month, I finally got around to installing anti-theft and anti-virus and it is working wonderfully. For the price, I do not believe there is a better program out there in this area. I also have CleanMyMac 2 and it works for the "cleaning" part but for the all inclusive, I think MacKeeper is the best.

1 year and 238 days ago

Xee-icon Xee by cespooie

This is not open or free it costs....

1 year and 239 days ago

World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.11 introduces the Meeting Planner that allows you to easily find the best time for an online chat, a conference call or videoconference across different time zones.

1 year and 244 days ago

Choose Wisely-icon Choose Wisely by nancikennedy

I am NOT the app owner. I have added this to the database and contacted the Developer/Owner about its entry here

1 year and 262 days ago

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