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Time Machine-icon Time Machine by bjn

Totally saved me when my hard drive died a few weeks ago. The restore was perfect; everything exactly as it was as of the last backup, no glitches.

1 year and 140 days ago

Monosnap-icon Monosnap by bjn

The 8x magnifier is the killer feature, so you can get the edges just right.

1 year and 140 days ago

PixelStick-icon PixelStick by bjn

Thanks for letting me download & try before I purchased it. I wanted an app with a zoom mode for fine-tuning and this has it. It also has a color eyedropper built in, so I have everything I need in one spot. Works great!

1 year and 140 days ago

World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.9.2 updates daylight-saving information for Cuba and Paraguay

1 year and 144 days ago

movist-icon movist by prgmat

The original Google code project is dead. The itunes store version is already linked, but there's also continuing work on a fork over on GitHub:

1 year and 144 days ago

Hazel-icon Hazel by grantxw8

Unbelievably useful by itself. Download a PDF containing text (such as a utility bill) and Hazel can search the text of the file for words like "Power Bill" before renaming it, adding a date and filing it for you. All automagically.

Almost limitless possibilities when combined with other utilities like DropBox and KeyBoard Maestro. Terrific support for newbies too. Not sure how I kept things in line without it. Highly recommended

1 year and 144 days ago

Radar In Motion-icon Radar In Motion by norz

For France, it only has a national map, not a detailed map for a region. :(

1 year and 146 days ago

Duplicate Annihilator - Aperture Edition-icon Duplicate Annihilator - Aperture Edition by tboydsto

Adding 4.4.1, which report 1.4.1 in iusethis.

1 year and 147 days ago

ArpGuard-icon ArpGuard by antlo

I use this app it is great!

1 year and 152 days ago

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