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SQLite Manager-icon SQLite Manager by mark_r

I Like FREE tool - Valentina Studio

1 year and 261 days ago

Moneydance-icon Moneydance by waveman

Still using Moneydance. There was a hickup with Java 6 and security, but that seems to be sorted out. Still haven't found anything better.

1 year and 265 days ago

shootShifter-icon shootShifter by sybot

finally i found a useful piece of software for exif editing.
this program is perfect for my needs to batch edit the date and rename many pictures. thank you very much for this

1 year and 266 days ago

IconFly-icon IconFly by marry

It's really really brilliant app! It's wonderful. This is app different than the other similar app, this is much more awesome. Fully compatible last Apple rules about icon creation. Even the creation of retina icon (1024×1024).
If you ask my opinion, of course buy, it's worth the money.

1 year and 267 days ago

Double Commander-icon Double Commander by sidmcdan

I don't own this app... i'm a satisfied user, all credits go to the developer.

1 year and 268 days ago

MultiFirefox-icon MultiFirefox by norz

Afaik, this can also be achieved via command line, as described here (middle of the page):

1 year and 268 days ago

iDefrag-icon iDefrag by silberiu

Definitely horrible.
My iMac was slow, and had completely fragmented hard drive. I used iDefrag, and now it is impossible to work with. Very very very very very slow.
What do I do now?

1 year and 269 days ago

iBoostUp-icon iBoostUp by iboostup

New system tweaks feature, various internal tweaks and bugfixes.

1 year and 272 days ago

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