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Kvlt Audio Recorder-icon Kvlt Audio Recorder by xdread

Very simple, fancy looking. Does crash occasionally, LOSING everything. I keep restarting the program at every opportunity to keep it as "memory fresh" as possible. Sending email to support gave NO answer. That you are only limited by free space on the hard drive is utterly BS. The ONLY format supported for that is .caf. And even if you can stretch the other formats to about 3-4 hours, other software won't necessarily be able to read the whole file. Oh did I mention that when this program crashes, you lose EVERYTHING. That is weird for a claim that you can fill your hard drive, and NO temporary file is saved anywhere? Right... Anyway, take precaution to restart as often as you can, avoid files longer than 3 hours if you can, and it is a great piece of software. A few tips: Don't click inside window while recording. Without warning you are now recording OVER what is already recorded. Open a new file start record, save the other window and close if U need 2 save bf 3 h lim.

1 year and 259 days ago

Time Machine-icon Time Machine by bjn

Totally saved me when my hard drive died a few weeks ago. The restore was perfect; everything exactly as it was as of the last backup, no glitches.

1 year and 259 days ago

Monosnap-icon Monosnap by bjn

The 8x magnifier is the killer feature, so you can get the edges just right.

1 year and 259 days ago

PixelStick-icon PixelStick by bjn

Thanks for letting me download & try before I purchased it. I wanted an app with a zoom mode for fine-tuning and this has it. It also has a color eyedropper built in, so I have everything I need in one spot. Works great!

1 year and 259 days ago

World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.9.2 updates daylight-saving information for Cuba and Paraguay

1 year and 263 days ago

movist-icon movist by prgmat

The original Google code project is dead. The itunes store version is already linked, but there's also continuing work on a fork over on GitHub:

1 year and 263 days ago

Hazel-icon Hazel by grantxw8

Unbelievably useful by itself. Download a PDF containing text (such as a utility bill) and Hazel can search the text of the file for words like "Power Bill" before renaming it, adding a date and filing it for you. All automagically.

Almost limitless possibilities when combined with other utilities like DropBox and KeyBoard Maestro. Terrific support for newbies too. Not sure how I kept things in line without it. Highly recommended

1 year and 263 days ago

Radar In Motion-icon Radar In Motion by norz

For France, it only has a national map, not a detailed map for a region. :(

1 year and 265 days ago

Duplicate Annihilator - Aperture Edition-icon Duplicate Annihilator - Aperture Edition by tboydsto

Adding 4.4.1, which report 1.4.1 in iusethis.

1 year and 266 days ago

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