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FFXporter-icon FFXporter by iforgot in reply to threestain

@threestain Yes... finally.

1 year and 240 days ago

VMware View Client-icon VMware View Client by chris0401

new version available since 2012/12/13

1 year and 240 days ago

Name Mangler-icon Name Mangler by gaffer

Used to be good when it was a free app called FileList.
Used to also be good when it was free up to version 2
Ever since the devs got greedy and started charging for it it's steadily got worse and worse.
A common problem is either the GUI freezing or it making Finder freeze when you try to drag and drop files into it.
If they do open it takes ages.
Not impressed so deleted...

...there are plenty of paid and free alternatives out there that work much better than this.

1 year and 241 days ago

RToolDS-icon RToolDS by gaffer

The only native intel based app (32-bit) that works for OS X.
Unfortunately it is no longer being developed by the author (last version released 2010) but at least it runs on my ML MBP and even though the app itself is not being developed, the database has been kept fairly up to date (only 2 more recent roms won't show artwork for instance).

1 year and 242 days ago

Rominator-icon Rominator by gaffer

Great app when it used to work, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 2008 with the author having stopped all ongoing development.
As it is a PowerPC architecture app, the last version won't run at all since Apple stopped Rosetta support - so no PowerPC apps run natively since OS X Lion.
I am using Mountain Lion so have had to delete this app (yes, I could run it in a virtual environment using Snow Leopard but that's a hassle to set up - I just want something that runs "as is" on my OS).
An alternative which is also not actively being developed is RToolDS (last version released 2010) . ..but at least it runs on intel chips on Lion and Mountain Lion.

In Summary: Rominator was 5 stars when it worked, but it's now dead development wise with no intel version planned :(

1 year and 242 days ago

PDF Password Remover Mac-icon PDF Password Remover Mac by johnnysmith

This AST pdf password remover for mac os is worth having a try.

1 year and 243 days ago

Application Wizard-icon Application Wizard by mabasoft

Version 3.3.3 addresses minor compatibility issues and solves some bugs.

1 year and 244 days ago

VectorDesigner-icon VectorDesigner by knightlie

So frustrating that this is dead, it's a useful app with a lot of potential. Pity they didn't release it as open source if they are ceasing development.

1 year and 246 days ago

Currency Assistant-icon Currency Assistant by mabasoft

Version 3.1.8 restores the automatic update of the Bank of Italy rates.

1 year and 248 days ago

Kindle-icon Kindle by bodytechnician

Homepage link goes to page where you could buy a Kindle device. Link should go to the page about the app, Kindle for Mac:

1 year and 248 days ago

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