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Batch File Rename-icon Batch File Rename by iusdfygw

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1 year and 261 days ago

Poedit-icon Poedit by tajid

Another tool which works with gettext files is It runs online, so it is suitable for both Mac and Windows and it has a really practical interface for translators to work in.

1 year and 264 days ago

MacKeeper-icon MacKeeper by jthelwell

A very nice program. I use a laptop, so the anti-theft feature is a great thing. I used to pay $50 a year for LoJack, but it's built in here.

1 year and 265 days ago

iTunes-icon iTunes by deef

Wow. iTunes 11 opens much faster on my 2008 iMac.

1 year and 265 days ago

RarMachine-icon RarMachine by dotjsber

WAS a great app but has recently stopped existing.. Can't find any trace of the developer... No Lion support.... And the last version I have, 2.0, seems to be a real cpu hog compared to other (un)compressors. (try extracting a password protected rar-file and wait to enter password, see cpu going crazy, using like 177% just while waiting :p)
I really liked the simpleness of the user interface and the capability to compress RAR files
Recently came across an app called "Entropy". Very nice app, actively developed, (un)compresses a whole lot of filetypes (like 30), nice ui and a lot cheaper 19$ in stead of 8$+29$rarLicence
Think I'll be switching :)

1 year and 271 days ago

FFXporter-icon FFXporter by iforgot in reply to threestain

@threestain Yes... finally.

1 year and 274 days ago

VMware View Client-icon VMware View Client by chris0401

new version available since 2012/12/13

1 year and 274 days ago

Name Mangler-icon Name Mangler by gaffer

Used to be good when it was a free app called FileList.
Used to also be good when it was free up to version 2
Ever since the devs got greedy and started charging for it it's steadily got worse and worse.
A common problem is either the GUI freezing or it making Finder freeze when you try to drag and drop files into it.
If they do open it takes ages.
Not impressed so deleted...

...there are plenty of paid and free alternatives out there that work much better than this.

1 year and 276 days ago

RToolDS-icon RToolDS by gaffer

The only native intel based app (32-bit) that works for OS X.
Unfortunately it is no longer being developed by the author (last version released 2010) but at least it runs on my ML MBP and even though the app itself is not being developed, the database has been kept fairly up to date (only 2 more recent roms won't show artwork for instance).

1 year and 276 days ago

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