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Rominator-icon Rominator by gaffer

Great app when it used to work, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 2008 with the author having stopped all ongoing development.
As it is a PowerPC architecture app, the last version won't run at all since Apple stopped Rosetta support - so no PowerPC apps run natively since OS X Lion.
I am using Mountain Lion so have had to delete this app (yes, I could run it in a virtual environment using Snow Leopard but that's a hassle to set up - I just want something that runs "as is" on my OS).
An alternative which is also not actively being developed is RToolDS (last version released 2010) . ..but at least it runs on intel chips on Lion and Mountain Lion.

In Summary: Rominator was 5 stars when it worked, but it's now dead development wise with no intel version planned :(

1 year and 278 days ago

PDF Password Remover Mac-icon PDF Password Remover Mac by johnnysmith

This AST pdf password remover for mac os is worth having a try.

1 year and 279 days ago

Application Wizard-icon Application Wizard by mabasoft

Version 3.3.3 addresses minor compatibility issues and solves some bugs.

1 year and 280 days ago

VectorDesigner-icon VectorDesigner by knightlie

So frustrating that this is dead, it's a useful app with a lot of potential. Pity they didn't release it as open source if they are ceasing development.

1 year and 282 days ago

Currency Assistant-icon Currency Assistant by mabasoft

Version 3.1.8 restores the automatic update of the Bank of Italy rates.

1 year and 284 days ago

Kindle-icon Kindle by bodytechnician

Homepage link goes to page where you could buy a Kindle device. Link should go to the page about the app, Kindle for Mac:

1 year and 285 days ago

LensFixCI 4.3-icon LensFixCI 4.3 by gaffer

Works very well in Aperture as well as a standalone app.
Is currently at Version 4.7

1 year and 286 days ago

iBatt-icon iBatt by gaffer

Works fine on my MacBook Pro (Core2Duo) running OS 10.8.2

Is also currently still being developed as it is now at v3

1 year and 292 days ago

MacX DVD Ripper Pro -icon MacX DVD Ripper Pro by billysilin

To my surprise, this tool settled my problem in a few minutes! I want to share my happiness with you who might have the same problem with me. The app is worth trying to copy dvd movies and import them into iphone 5 like me, or some other devices.
But only five minutes per DVD in trail version.

1 year and 294 days ago

ForgetMeNot - Mail Plugin-icon ForgetMeNot - Mail Plugin by guru

If you don't think it is useful, then there is no reason to complain about the price, right?!

1 year and 295 days ago

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