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World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.9.1 adds 106 new cities and updates daylight-saving information for Morocco and Western Sahara.

1 year and 351 days ago

PDF to ePub Converter-icon PDF to ePub Converter by tajid

I have another suggestion of an easy to use online PDF converter, It's worth the try.

1 year and 353 days ago

Folder Icon Changer-icon Folder Icon Changer by henry2

check out the old stand-by Micon

1 year and 354 days ago

Poedit-icon Poedit by tajid

Another tool which works with gettext files is It runs online, so it is suitable for both Mac and Windows and it has a really practical interface for translators to work in.

1 year and 359 days ago

MacKeeper-icon MacKeeper by jthelwell

A very nice program. I use a laptop, so the anti-theft feature is a great thing. I used to pay $50 a year for LoJack, but it's built in here.

1 year and 359 days ago

iTunes-icon iTunes by deef

Wow. iTunes 11 opens much faster on my 2008 iMac.

1 year and 360 days ago

RarMachine-icon RarMachine by dotjsber

WAS a great app but has recently stopped existing.. Can't find any trace of the developer... No Lion support.... And the last version I have, 2.0, seems to be a real cpu hog compared to other (un)compressors. (try extracting a password protected rar-file and wait to enter password, see cpu going crazy, using like 177% just while waiting :p)
I really liked the simpleness of the user interface and the capability to compress RAR files
Recently came across an app called "Entropy". Very nice app, actively developed, (un)compresses a whole lot of filetypes (like 30), nice ui and a lot cheaper 19$ in stead of 8$+29$rarLicence
Think I'll be switching :)

2 years and 1 day ago

FFXporter-icon FFXporter by iforgot in reply to threestain

@threestain Yes... finally.

2 years and 3 days ago

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