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iTunes-icon iTunes by bobsmith2012

How to extract Audio Track from iTunes M4V videos?
Good movies are always companied with melodies. So when you discovered some attractive interlude songs in a film or play which was downloaded from iTunes Store, how can you get the songs from iTunes M4V videos? There are many ways to extract audio from videos, but which is the best way to keep audios in iTunes M4V videos?

1 year and 267 days ago

Ast Folder Hider/Locker for Mac-icon Ast Folder Hider/Locker for Mac by johnnysmith

easy to hide all you private files, and lock with a password

1 year and 271 days ago

Pocket (formerly Read It Later)-icon Pocket (formerly Read It Later) by sew

Great! i will definitely try these.

1 year and 273 days ago

MacX DVD Ripper Pro -icon MacX DVD Ripper Pro by billysilin

Great tool with fast speed and great output image quality. There are a couple of features that would make great additions, but it is pretty much perfect for what I'm looking to do at the moment!
However, no drag and drop feature, it is a pity.

1 year and 273 days ago

MyMind-icon MyMind by msmousette

I have looked at e LOT of MindMap and Outlining tools and this is really very special - and it is free. Much better than many paid apps. Beautifully designed and executed!

1 year and 275 days ago

LibreOffice-icon LibreOffice by msmousette

I also moved from Open Office to NeoOffice and then to Libre Office. It is a close call between NeoOffice and Libre Office as to which is best of the three but I would put Open Office third.

1 year and 275 days ago

Compendium-icon Compendium by msmousette

New homepage:

1 year and 276 days ago

DiffMerge-icon DiffMerge by henry2

forgot all about this program! looks like it's still the best option for comparing two folders. I've been using Singlemizer (because a client already had it) and dupeGuru (because I needed dupeGuru Picture Edition, and dupeGuru is covered by the same license) when looking for duplicate files --both because they return somewhat different results. When those searches show me that there are certain folders which have a large number of duplicates, I turn to diffmerge to see what's going on. Once I've trashed the offending folder(s) I rerun the duplicate finders, and have a much more manageable file list to deal with.

1 year and 279 days ago

TruePreview-icon TruePreview by emad

Great work. A life saving app.

1 year and 280 days ago

MacX DVD Ripper Pro -icon MacX DVD Ripper Pro by hiliary

This DVD ripper is awesome! Very efficient, I can watch anywhere on all my devices because it rips in all formats. Now I can keep my collection of dvd movies with me wherever I go.
The weak point is lacking direct support; only technical support is available via email.

1 year and 280 days ago

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