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DeTune-icon DeTune by docd

The current version is 1.0.8

87 days and 6 hours ago

Safe-icon Safe by matgall

Very useful software to keep private information and images away from prying eyes.

92 days and 8 hours ago

DesktopLyrics-icon DesktopLyrics by matgall

Nice, I love playing the guitar as I read the lyrics on my desktop.

92 days and 8 hours ago

ImageOptim-icon ImageOptim by matgall

Very useful software.

92 days and 9 hours ago

BusyCal-icon BusyCal by mkikkawa

I love this app and the support is very quick, but $50 is too expensive.
Should be $20 or so.

92 days and 14 hours ago

PyCharm-icon PyCharm by rantydave

I love this. Makes Python a completely different language. Remote development (i.e. onto a Raspberry Pi for instance) is made really really simple.

95 days and 22 hours ago

Safe-icon Safe by henryl

Now I only have to remember one password to access all my private information. Recommendable

98 days and 10 hours ago

Safe-icon Safe by tomsi

Fantastic software. Easy to use and very secure. Great job.

99 days and 4 hours ago

SourceTree-icon SourceTree by sashametro

They are still updating this app pretty regularly, and it works quite well.

101 days and 21 hours ago

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