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World Clock Deluxe-icon World Clock Deluxe by mabasoft

Version 4.15 adds 64-bit compatibility and revises the World Clock Deluxe menu bar item.

145 days and 8 hours ago

AVG LinkScanner-icon AVG LinkScanner by davyb

No longer supported as of 2014

158 days and 20 hours ago

Bodega-icon Bodega by davyb

Service is discontinued as of Oct 2014 ISTR

158 days and 21 hours ago

PyCharm-icon PyCharm by tiamot

The current version is 4.0.3 and it's awesome.

169 days ago

xtrafinder-icon xtrafinder by systemm0

makes Finder 1000 times better. Plus it's FREE

171 days and 14 hours ago

Simple Writer - for Your Daily Writing-icon Simple Writer - for Your Daily Writing by supernsetips

Very Good Site and awesome writing too , and great thanks to the writer

<a href="">Supernsetips</a>

175 days and 7 hours ago

Currency Assistant-icon Currency Assistant by mabasoft

Version 3.2.1 introduces the irrevocably fixed Lithuanian litas euro conversion rate.

186 days and 5 hours ago

Application Wizard-icon Application Wizard by mabasoft

Version 3.5 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and introduces several interface revisions and improvements.

201 days and 6 hours ago

Mac Informer-icon Mac Informer by dannyp777

Doesn't work for me. Gets stuck on downloading the updates.

215 days and 19 hours ago

Airmail-icon Airmail by 8unknown

Nasty greedy developers.
I helped for the translation and never got a discount when they migrated to the Mac App Store and started charging. I wrote to them and was ignored.
Paid for version 1.x. Now for version 2.0, they are asking for £6.99 / $9.99 for a cosmetic update that doesn't provide any major changes or any stability or improvements.
This should still be in BETA. I have already stopped using Airmail and will find a better option.

221 days and 30 minutes ago

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